Theme:"Minerals – “Knocking on the Door to Cause Economic Transformation in Uganda"”.


APrevious conference discussions have centred on attracting exploration investments geared towards development of the mineral sector, mineral value addition and creation of a conducive environment for investment. The Government of Uganda accords high level priority to the establishment of an internationally competitive environment for investment in the mineral sector. The review process of the Mineral Policy, 2001 and the Mining Law, which is among the many achievements of this annual platform, has been completed aimed at making the mineral sector more internationally competitive. The mineral sector is now among the priority sectors targeted to transform Uganda’s economy with representation at the Presidential Investors Round Table Initiative.
Some of the focus areas to be addressed at this year’s conference shall include:

  • Mineral Potential of Uganda and the region

  • Building enabling policies, legal & regulatory frameworks

  • Strategies for value addition including development minerals

  • Land access framework

  • Infrastructural developments

  • Sustainable mining, investment and partnership

  • Leveraging Artisanal Small Scale Mining

  • Adaptation of AMV (2009) by member countries

  • Creating Shared Value

  • Environment, Health & Safety

  • Human Rights

  • Technology & Skills Development

  • Engendering the mineral sector

  • Social Licence to operate

  • Among others

  • Iganga gabbro intrusion with potential for nickel and Platinum Group of Elements (PGE)

  • Zeu area with potential for gold

  • Moroto area with potential for chromite PGE, marble and gold

  • Kidera with Kimberlite potential, which may host diamonds

  • Naigobya geophysical anomaly with potential for nickel, chromium, copper, cobalt and Rare Earth Elements (REE)

  • Bukusu carbonatite which hosts limestone, phosphates, iron ore, titanium, vermiculite and REE potential

  • Masindi–Karuma Falls area with potential for gold

  • Kitaka–Buhweju area with potential for for nickel, chromium, PGE and iron

  • Packwach area that hosts gold and base metals

  • Kaiso-Tonya that hosts kaolin and bentonite clays

  • Mayuge area with potential for iron

  • Kafunzo area with potential for nickel and PGE

  • Makuutu area with potential for REE, aluminium and uranium

  • Hoima-Kafu area with potential for gold

  • Kaliro-Ivukula area with potential for gold

  • Aboke-Aloi area with potential for gold

  • Buhara- Kabale with potential for iron

  • Butogota –Kanungu with potential for iron

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